How to permanently ignore an app in the add/remove software GUI?

I have manually installed an application; I do not want to update said application. Since I do not want to update it, I want the add/remove software GUI to stop telling me the app in question needs to be updated. I want this app to be ignored permanently so that I won’t constantly be asked by the add/remove software app to update it.

Edit /etc/pacman.conf

IgnorePkg = package-name


pamac (“add/remove software”) has the option Settings > Advanced > Ignored upgrades > +

It does the same thing.
Yes pamac technically doesnt depend on pacman anymore … but still relies on/uses its config. :person_shrugging:

Do note that this will eventually lead to breakage, whether it will be small and confined to just the application itself, or big and encompassing several shared libraries that other system components depend upon.

While it is possible to ignore updates to a certain package or package group for a short while — as explained by @cscs — partial upgrades are not supported. Use at your own risk!


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thanks, this worked

Thanks for the heads up; I’ll keep my eye on it and watch out for breakage.

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