How to pamac and yay to search with result?

I have problem searching packages in pamac and yay
I was looking for team viewer15 … but no matter how i enter the search keyword, the result just none.

 These yield no result. 
$ yay -Ss teamviewer15
$ yay -Ss teamviewer 15

$ yay -Ss ‘teamviewer 15’

However, when i do grep, the result comes out:

$ yay -Ss teamviewer | grep 'teamviewer 15' 
aur/teamviewer 15.19.3-1 (+1423 5.39) 

But there is no way for me to sync the package to my pc, because $ yay -Ss teamviewer 15 does not work.

When i use pamac to the search for the same package above,
teamviewer 15
‘teamviewer 15’
Pamac just return “no package found”.

Just use teamviewer
15 is the package version number (and not part of the package-name)

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There are so many teamviewer version… i have to dig thru … There is no way easier ? *just asking, if there is, i rather use the easier method, because sometime the search result can be perplexing… especially with all the cli file name…
How do i use yay to download the teamviewer version 15 then ? can you write to me ? Thanks
If i just type “teamviewer” there are teamviewer 10 all the way up to 15… which will it download ?
Is there no one command to download ?

I think if i just type $yay -S teamviewer without version number, it will still prompts me to enter the number of choice… which is no good…

yay -S teamviewer

It will ask me to enter number of choice… Is there no 1 commandline and get it down with thingy ?
And when i use pamac… i have to scroll thru the whole list… some package is not direct related to teamviewer is among the list… i have to scroll thru them all… that’s not efficient…

Not in this case, no. The teamviewer package is the latest version ─ version 15 ─ but yay will list all packages with a matching name, which includes all the other versions from version 8 to 14.

OK… … Since there is none, then i won’t pursue further… Thanks

pamac and yay search in name and description (not in version)
with yay we can run yay teamviewer for search and install

if we want search only in package name , with yay we add --searchby option

yay -Ssq teamviewer --searchby name

Weird, there is no teamviewer version 15 in the output…

$ yay -Sq teamviewer
:: There are 8 providers available for teamviewer:
:: Repository AUR
    1) teamviewer 2) teamviewer-beta 3) teamviewer-preview 4) teamviewer11 5) teamviewer12 6) teamviewer14 7) teamviewer8 8) teamviewer9 

Enter a number (default=1): ```

package name simple without version is always the last stable :wink: today:15 tomorrow : 16 …

aur is a free repo make by users, it’s not always easy to find good version

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yay -S teamviewer --noconfirm

What is so difficult about choosing “1” and hitting ENTER though.

Not difficult. I just thought linux is all about command line to get it done… for example, if i need to help someone to install teamviewer, i just issue him/her with that 1 cli and it is done…
I don’t have to tell him/her to wait until yay ask you to choose the 1 number to enter…
Isn’t that defeat the purpose ?

pamac build teamviewer

I never saw this command before… pamac build ? What is it for ?

$ pamac build teamviewer
Cloning teamviewer build files...
Checking teamviewer dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To install (18):
  m4          1.4.18-3                                     core   173,4 kB
  autoconf    2.71-1                                       core   660,7 kB
  elfutils    0.185-1           (Required By: binutils)    core   565,8 kB
  binutils    2.36.1-3                                     core   6,5 MB
  pkgconf     1.7.3-1                                      core   59,6 kB
  libmpc      1.2.1-1           (Required By: gcc)         core   72,1 kB
  gcc         11.1.0-1                                     core   35,6 MB
  fakeroot    1.25.3-2                                     core   72,4 kB
  flex        2.6.4-3                                      core   304,4 kB
  automake    1.16.3-1                                     core   625,6 kB
  bison       3.7.6-1                                      core   774,6 kB
  patch       2.7.6-8                                      core   94,7 kB
  gc          8.0.4-4           (Required By: make)        extra  240,3 kB
  guile       2.2.7-1           (Required By: make)        extra  6,7 MB
  make        4.3-3                                        core   493,2 kB
  hyphen      2.8.8-3           (Required By: teamviewer)  extra  16,4 kB
  woff2       1.0.2-3           (Required By: teamviewer)  extra  57,3 kB
  qt5-webkit  5.212.0alpha4-10  (Required By: teamviewer)  extra  12,8 MB
To build (1):
  teamviewer  15.19.3-1                                    AUR

Total download size: 65,8 MB
Total installed size: 315,2 MB

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N] 

To install AUR packages:

pamac build --help
Build packages from AUR and install them with their dependencies

Don’t understand the explaination of this pamac build… what is the different between use pamac gui to select and build / install… or what is the different between yay -S package ?

 $ pamac build --help
Build packages from AUR and install them with their dependencies

If no package name is given, use the PKGBUILD file in the current directory
The build directory will be the parent directory, --builddir option will be ignored
and --no-clone option will be enforced

pamac build [options] [package(s)]

  --builddir <dir> : build directory, if no directory is given the one specified in pamac.conf file is used
  --keep, -k       : keep built packages in cache after installation
  --no-keep        : do not keep built packages in cache after installation
  --dry-run, -d    : only print what would be done but do not run the transaction
  --no-clone       : do not clone build files from AUR, only use local files
  --no-confirm     : bypass any and all confirmation messages

Is pamac build package the same as using pamac gui to “install” a package ?

Some software in pamac gui shows “install” instead of “build”… What is the difference ?


Install is if it’s in the Manjaro repo and build if the package is in the AUR


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