How to own a NTFS folder for Lutris?

So, I have a NTFS Partition that I had with windows for pure storage. I like being able to access things from it from either boot. I’m trying to install ESO from Lutris, and I’ve directed it to a linked folder called Games, but it keeps not working. The Games folder is linked to /home/user/Games but it’s actual location is /mnt/Storage/Games. At one point, I had Lutris say:
wine: '/home/user/Games' is not owned by you, refusing to create a configuration directory there
So I tried the command chown user Games to no avail. Any idea how to solve this?

so: how (and where to) did you mount the ntfs partition?



or to


… context …

What did you do that you thought ought to work
but ended up not working as expected?

that is very unlikely to be a correct (or valid) command
to achieve what you want

but to assess what a valid command would be
we need to know how and where to you mounted the partition

You don’t. NTFS does not support permissions. You’ll need an ext4 partition for games.

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I used to have a DATA partition which was formatted NTFS, for possible dual-boot (which never happened; I decided not to bother with Windows). IIRC I just needed to take ownership of the mount point.

I believe I also needed to add something to fstab so the “ownership” was emulated to be mine but I don’t know where that disk is, so can’t easily check. Sorry about that. Something along the lines of “forceuser=$USER”.

What makes you think so? ntfs3 driver supports all access permissions and by default marks all files as executables, ntfs-3g needs the exec option to do the same. You can also set a specific owner on mount with gid and uid options for both.

Search for Lutris, Steam, Proton, WINE, etc + NTFS. They don’t go together. I don’t remember the details.

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Thanks for that clarification; it’s been some time since I did this and don’t have a current use-case for replicating the procedure. I’m sure if the OP comes back with the necessary info some of us on here may be able to help further.

The true NTFS is /mnt/Storage/Games. Using the link feature of manjaro, or more so, this command: ln -s /mnt/Storage/Games ~/ the games folder is easily accessable from my home, as if it’s made there locally. Aside from the fact I can’t install ESO on it, but as @Yochanan states, it doesn’t support permissions. I suppose the easiest solution is to simply use some of my spare unallocated space to make it a ext4 partition. By any chance, is ext4 easily accessible to windows as NFTS is? I have little knowledge on what each partition type does.

With a driver for ext4, yes:

Still works, but has some limitations (no full journal support):

Here is a commercial driver by Paragon:

perhaps ask on the good forum ?