How to only use Https mirrors?

I Have some questions about mirrors.

1.what are the commands for pacman-mirrors to only use certain protocols or specific mirrors

3.are http mirrors less secure that https mirrors

See… :arrow_down:

man pacman-mirrors

See… :arrow_down:

man pacman-mirrors


I don’t see why. The packages are all signed and checksummed, and those signatures and checksums are verified upon downloading the packages.

Anyway, if you only want to use https mirrors, then you can specify that… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors -P https

Thanks for helping a responding so quick

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Also will the parameters be set automatically once I enter the command

Yes, your selection will be stored in /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf and remembered. :slight_smile:

this command will help you easily choose with a GUI the mirros/countries/Https etc…

pacman-mirrors --interactive --default && sudo pacman -Syyu

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