How to move window between monitors

After using Linux Mint for a long time, I switched over to Manjaro XFCE today.

One thing I noticed is that Manjaro XFCE doesn’t seem to have native support for moving windows between monitors (not workspaces).

The vast majority of links online are about using xwininfo / using Ubuntu, or using different DE’s like KDE or Cinnamon.

Does anybody know how?

On xfce you will make use of this:

If you will install it system wide then need to:

chmod 755

You also have to install this packages:
sudo pacman -Syyu xdotool wmctrl

Then you open:

  1. Settings manager -> Keyboard -> Application shortcuts
  2. Click Add
  3. Click Open and direct it to your script
  4. Assign a keyboard shortcut to it

See the XFCE FAQ entry, How can I see a list of all the shortcut keys?.

Then checkout move_window_key, Alt+F7.

That is to activate move wiondow under mouse, like a grab command. Then you move the window with the mouse.The OP is looking for a shortcut that will move a window from display1 to display2 the same way how you move it to another workspace.

Ahh, like kwin’s Window to Screen #.
That’s the one thing I really miss in xfwm is kwin’s window settings.

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