How to mount another partition as /home?

I just installed Manjaro and I want to mount my previous /home partition as my current /home directory/partition. The previous one is currently mounted as /dev/sda4. I don’t know how to work with partitions and stuff that much, so please keep it stupid simple.

See this:

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provided it was indeed a previous /home (ext4) partition;

first run;

lsblk -f

find the relevant UUID for sda4

then add this to /etc/fstab;

UUID=<UUID-of-sda4> /home           ext4    nosuid,nodev,noatime 0 2

you may additionally have to move/backup the existing /home directory (created by fresh manjaro install)

sudo mv /home /homebak

reboot and see if everything is back, if everything s ok, remove backup home

sudo rm -fr /homebak

Bad advice, Brother. /home is a system directory, and in this case, it serves as a mountpoint.

If you are going to rename the mountpoint, then there won’t be any /home directory anymore on the root filesystem, and then what is the new partition going to be mounted to?


guilty as charged!

oops, horrible advise indeed from my part, on the absent /home to mount in the first place. i guess we all ought to help the problem at hand and I messed it up while trying to keep it “stupid simple” i guess. the only real attempt thus so far has instructions to move home directory, not to use an existing one.

so should it be backup existing /home directory, and remove all user directories within /home directory.

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