How To Monitor An External Server From The Notification Area

Hi guys,

I have a Raspberry Pi acting as my NAS with a 2TB SSD and an old 1TB USB 2.0 HDD as it’s storage however, short of logging into it every time to make sure it’s up or always having a program in my taskbar Is there a way for me to have something similar to the Network Connection icon like here:
https:// gyazo com/23d7d6828dfdf2ece2d3eb31a2b983ec
To show that the server is indeed up?

Cheers guys.

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Hi @Anigai, and welcome!

If you only want to check that it’s up and on the network, I’m pretty sure there is some widget or something for your desktop environment that will allow you to test a sever’s SSH login, or even just its ping.
This will accomplish what you are looking to do.

Did you checkout: Desktop notifications - ArchWiki ?


There probably is a widget somewhere for it better than the one I tried which is the one in the panel called Generic Monitor but that doesn’t seem like its the best idea since it tries to output text from the terminal to the output area.

As for the wiki I’m able to get in and around the terminal more or less fine but my scripting is honestly trash.

use a script - check for at condition - if true -

notify-send -u critical "Oh-oh" "server trouble"

notify-send --help
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Scripting is just a little bit more as the sequence of the commands you perform in the terminal. :wink:
The real challenge is to perform a correct decision so the right commands are executed…

So in your case:
If you have a way to check if the “Raspberry Pi that is acting as your NAS” is up, you can make a decision with the outcome to either create a notification that it is up or down…

If there is a tool that allows to create an notification icon in the status bar you could use your script to change the icon that is displayed there.
(I have not researched for existence of such a tool)

Thinking out loud about how to check if it’s up: