How to modify the strange Chinese font?



How to change the priority of CJK fonts in Manjaro so that it uses Chinese fonts first not Japanese? My install shows the first picture(Japanese) but I want it to show as the second picture(Chinese). I tried changing fonts in gnome-tweak-tool but no luck.

This is not correct in Chinese:
pic one
This one is correct:
pic two

I changed the title to the google-translation of 下奇怪的中文字体如何修改 which was in the topic title, and because you seem to ask in english :wink:

Could you be more specific by providing info about where or what application is displaying the wrong font?
It will help others to help you better… :handshake:

PS: There is also a special category for Chinese:

Yes, it’s very nice of you :handshake:. I will try the special category for Chinese next time.

Basically the wrong font is displayed everywhere except in Chrome.
I can change the fonts in chrome to a Chinese font named wenquanyi. But it did not work when I changed the font in gnome-tweak-tool.

I found a ubuntu solution to this problem: change the order of fonts in /etc/fonts/conf.avail/64-language-selector-prefer.conf so that the Chinese font ranks above. But there is no such file in Manjaro and creating it did nothing.


Not very nice, practicing many languages makes one a better human…
But thank you for helping the poster with the problem…

Google translation:

Did you try to set your “Locale” to Chinese via the “Manajaro settings manager”?
You maybe also need to install language packs for Chinese.


Yes I tried and the Chinese language packs has already been installed.

Ok then i’m out of ideas to help you, because i don’t use Gnome or Chinese :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Hope there will be others that can help you fix the problem.

(If you prefer it, i can move the topic to the Chinese category for easier communication with others)

Thanks. I followed the exact instructions mentioned in the archwiki link above and it worked.


Good to hear it is fixed now. :1st_place_medal:
I will mark the answer of @himan :arrow_heading_up: as the solution in your place, so the topic will be marked as solved for other visitors. :+1:

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