How to migrate from a dual boot windows & xubuntu without formatting computer

Hi. I dont know if I’m in right place and i wanted to know if there is anyway to get rid of xubuntu and migrate to manjaro xfce or any other manjaro os without formatting the comp because Im running windows and xubuntu for now.thanks

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If you don’t have any additional free space available for installing Manjaro alongside Windows and Xubuntu, then you are going to have to sacrifice one of these two systems. Considering that you’ve already made the decision that Xubuntu must go, you can reformat the Xubuntu partition and install Manjaro in its place. Your Windows partition would be preserved.

There is however no way to install Manjaro on the Xubuntu partition without reformatting said partition. :man_shrugging:


Thats why I choose to kill xubuntu and its I have to format only the xubuntu partition and yes i want to keep windows for some apps.anyway thanks. Thats what i call support


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