How To Manually Update LBRY?

The LBRY app tells me an update is available and directs me to download a .deb package. Unfortunately, Manjaro doesn’t recognized the install command they give me; “sudo dpkg -i /path/to/package”.

Back when I was running XFCE (running i3 now) I was able to execute the .deb package from the file manager. So I know it can be done, but I’m not sure what the correct code would be.

The first thing that springs to mind is the question of how you installed that application in the first place. It is not in the standard Manjaro repository, but it is available from the AUR.

And given that you don’t seem to be aware of that, I am wondering whether you may have installed it as a Snap or as a FlatPak, because those are different installation methods. :thinking:

The package currently in the AUR is lbry-app-bin version 0.49.3-1.

This method is to be avoided at all cost. While technically “possible” ─ for some values of “possible” ─ it’s a recipe for disaster.

.deb packages were designed for Debian and derivative distributions like Ubuntu and Mint. Manjaro is an Arch-based distribution and it uses the pacman package manager, or alternatively, pamac.

Manjaro is based on Arch, not Debian. dpkg is not supported and you cannot install .debs.

The AUR package, AppImage or Flatpak would be your best bet.

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Well, to be honest, someone did port apt to Arch and has uploaded that to the AUR. Some of our members have been using it ─ with varying degrees of success and failure ─ but indeed, it is not officially supported by Manjaro, and if the user breaks their system while trying to install a .deb, then that’s on them.

I am using the AUR version. I’ve been advised to avoid Snap and Flatpak. Now that you mention it though, I believe I’m confusing Manjaro for Mint. I only installed Manjaro within the past few months. I had been using Mint for years prior and definitely had LBRY installed on Mint for a while. That explains things.

Did find it odd they had me downloading a .deb file for updating instead of just waiting for a repo update, but they mentioned something on LBRY’s GitHub page about having to update manually for Arch-based distros, so I assumed I was supposed to do something with it. Never mind then. Thanks for clearing that up.

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