How to make the system notice the kindle while it is connected?

I am new in this forum and also using Manjaro. I am liking it very much, so far so good, unless for a little detail. I have a “Kindle paper white” and after connecting it to my laptop, the system does not recognize it. The kindle starts charging normally, but I can not access files inside it. The system just don`t see it.
I need to find a way to have access to the kindle. Do you have any tip to give me, plese?

Thank you very much.

Install Calibre and use it to sync books to your Kindle.

sudo pacman -S calibre

To see if the device is detected

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Thank you for you answer.
I did it and the device is not detected. Do you know something else that I can do?

What is the output of lsusb, it show all the USB device even not supported one, try another USB cable


@cassia, it somewhat depends on your Desktop Environment and file manager you are using. For example, I run KDE Plasma and Dolphin is my file manager. In order to acces my or my wife’s Kindles, I have libmtp installed (required by Calibre) and that gives me access through my file manager Dolphin (or Calibre). You may have to check or uncheck boxes in your partivcular file manager, though.

gvfs-mtp is another package you should look at.

You may need a reboot (s’ok, @Lolix). :wink:

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Yes use the right USB cable. I use was using the cable that come with my headphones which were power only no data. Then I used the cable that come with the Kindle and it worked.

And yes, install Caliber.

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After trying a lot of other things I read this comment, tried a different cable and it works!

Sometimes the solution is so simple...

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For some reason people don't even think of the simplest solutions first unless they have properly training or the experience to do so. And often both of those are needed.

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