How to make the right ALT + Shift Switch between languages

I have been using Windows since 2004 I moved to Linux about half an hour ago

I am facing a very difficult problem For 16 years I've been using the right ALT + Shift Switch between languages But in Linux it uses the left one

It is difficult to get rid of the habit you have been with for 16 years Is there a way to make language switching by the right one?

Should we guess the DE you are using now (XFCE, GNOME, KDE Plasma ... ) ?
Listing the options for each:

XFCE: Settings > Keyboard > Layout


each can have is own shortcut, or have a global shortcut to switch trough ...

GNOME: Settings > Region & Languages > Input Sources


KDE Plasma: System Settings > Input Devices > Keyboard > Layout tab where you can set different settings globally

or individually for each layout


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Please, in the future, make the help request as specific is possible!


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