How to make Pamac let me re-choose compiler

I tried to build onedrive-abraunegg from AUR in Pamac (GUI) and the first time, Pamac asked me 1.) which D-compiler it should use (DMD or LDC) and 2. ) which other-thing-I-dont-remember to use. The build failed with a compiler error, and the developer says in AUR comments to try it with the other compiler.
However, I can’t get Pamac to let me make that choice again. I tried clearing the build files, but it still has its mind set on using DMD.

Pamac did not asked which compiler it should used, it asked which package you want to install to satisfy the d-compiler dependency.

Remove the dmd package and try again.

thanks, that did the trick! any idea what the other thing was it asked?

No, you would need to check the pacman.log to see which packages you installed.


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