How to make notifications persistent in Plasma?



I’m aware that Plasma has a notification history pane, but is there a way to make it so notifications will show an icon in Plasma that a notification has been received? The best example I can think of is when a widget is removed in Plasma: a little “1” icon appears and it has to be individually dismissed for it to go away. Can this behavior be spread to other applications within Plasma or is it app-dependent?


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Plasma is not an application. :wink:


Have you looked into the configuration available for notifications in system settings?

In System Settings, under the category of Personalisation, you have notifications. There, you can configure for notification for all sorts of events.


Excuse. Got your question wrong. I realised that even by configuring for some event in notifications, these notifications do not persist. The only example I have of persistent notification is by KDE-Konnect and when i checked the settings for these events, they didnt seem to be different from other configurations (e.g., events of power management).

So, I am also not aware of how to do this…