How to make moved partitions (to other drive) bootable again [Begginer]

I had to quickly free space on my SSD so I moved all the Manjaro related parititons to my harddrive.
The problem is that it is not bootable now and I don’t really know how to solve it. Tried searching a bit, but didn’t find anyone with this specific problem.

Can somebody help me please?

Thanks in advance

Welcome, @Africsnail
Mainly you need to restore the grub bootloader and to double-check if the UUID of your / and /boot/efi partitions have changed, then you need to adjust /etc/fstab file, accordingly. Probably, you need to assign the new disk as your new boot disk in your firmware. Make sure your new /boot/efi partition has the boot flag.

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Thank you. Going to try this and will report if it worked.

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Worked flawlessly.
Thank you

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