How to make it so when I search for an already open app from the Start menu, it'll bring the app to the foreground?

Hi. I have a stupid question.

On Windows, if I search for an app, and the app is already open but in the background, it’ll bring the app to the foreground.

But on Manjaro Cinnamon, it’ll only make the app’s icon on the Grouped windows list to be blinking/highlighted.

Is there a way to make the behavior to behave more like Windows? I usually do this when I want to switch to my password manager and this can happen many times everyday.

Thank you very much for the help, and I apologize beforehand if this is a stupid question. I’ve tried to look at settings, but I couldn’t seem to find the right one if there’s any.

First … honestly I’ve never managed open windows that way. We have Alt+Tab for that
(Or ‘overview’ or ‘present windows’ or whatever other thing)
Launchers arent exactly for that. but I suppose your ‘task manager’ or ‘panel’ or ‘application menu’ might be the places to look. I dont use cinnamon so I dont know what options it gives - if memory serves correctly its not exactly the most customizable DE…

Hi thanks for the reply.

I often have quite a few windows open. Using alt-tab to hunt down the correct app is not as consistent/fast as typing win, kee then enter (I use keepassxc).

I do this on both Windows and macOS (using spotlight). It has become a personal habit.

I’ve tried to look at those settings but couldn’t find anything that might change the behaviour.

For now, I’ve installed rofi for window switching.

I bind ctrl+space to rofi -show window.

This gets me the behaviour I’m already used to :slight_smile:

Hope this can help other people looking for a solution to this problem :smiley:

Ah. replace a piece of cinnamon with something you can configure.
Yes I suppose that is a solution in some cases :slight_smile:

Thanks. I do wish that it could’ve been the default behavior, but this is also fine for now :slight_smile: