How to make conserve battery life of bluetooth headphone when it is not in use?

I’m fairly new to linux in general, so please bear with me.
now, my headphones (Soundcore life Q10) are turned on all the time in manjaro, by which i mean, the light always keeps blinking, which indicates an active playback is going on, even though it sits idle. This helps in reducing reaction time of the headphone, but wastes battery.
This never happens in Windows, neither on android. There, the headphone goes to partial sleep kinda mode, and wakes up as soon as some sound is played (there is an initial lag and the first few milliseconds of the sound is clipped, but it conserves battery).
So, is this a software thing or a compatibility issue between my headphone and Linux?

Also, i changed my audio driver(?) from pulseaudio to pipewire since i needed AAC playback which i couldnt get to work on pulseaudio.

Any help is appreciated!

Turn it off …

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That worked!

It was intended as a half joke - but indeed - turning of the device usually reduces power consumption :slight_smile:

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