How to make colorful hints in terminal?

I remember such stuff was in manjaro KDE edition. When you type something it colored red and you see hints. Hope you understand what i mean.
I’m currently use gnome-terminal on manjaro cinnamon and i want to have such hints. How can i do that?

Hi @gamer_girl_2007_nah,

I( think you’d need Manjaro’s ZSH, which is in thee community repository:

$ pamac search zsh
manjaro-zsh-config                                                                                                                                                                        [Installed] 0.24-2                                      community
Zsh configuration for manjaro

…and can thus be installed using:

pamac install manjaro-zsh-config

I suspect this’ll then pull in the dependencies for it as well, which is obviously neccessary.

Hope this helps!


Forgot about this:

Do this with

chsh /bin/zsh

AFAIK anyway.

The default shell there is zsh.
You can easily change that for you using chsh.
install zsh and manjaro-zsh-config, then change the shell

If the desktop environment is KDE (or more specifically, if you use Konsole for terminal), you need to change the shell in Konsole Settings (create a new profile, set it as default, and change the shell in the profile). But yeah most other terminal emulator use the user shell you define with chsh.


That should be provided by some command_not_found functionality, which is available for both bash and zsh with related packages of them.
I guess for zsh it is manjaro-zsh-config like the others already pointed out…
I don’t think the one for bash does any color coding though…