How to make bash scripts that opens terminals on specific location and resolution?

First of all: I am not a Linux-Pro and i use Manjaro KDE Plasma.

So I recently switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro and I wanted to customize a bit. So I saw a Linux Rice [“Succulent: A Linux Rice” by Tony Zhu on YouTube] (I can’t post links here in the forum). He uses a selfmade script (in the video it’s called “”. It opens several terminals that run commands like neofetch etc. That terminals open in specific locations and have specific resolution. I know he uses i3wm, but is this also possible on standard KDE Plasma window manager? And if yes, how? I don’t even know if this has something to do with the window manager.
PS: I use Konsole

Thank you and sorry if this is a stupid question.

  • Paul
# Example
konsole --qwindowgeometry 500x500+500+50 -e htop  

Also this:

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I made a ‘’ script to ask for information, then put the computer to sleep for the night…


commands () {

date +"It's now %R" | cowthink
echo "How long until suspending?"
read TIME
 echo $TIME set!
 sleep $TIME && systemctl suspend

export -f commands

konsole -e "bash -c 'commands'"
sleep 10

So you could adapt - multiple scripts for multiple commands to multiple Konsoles.

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