How to make all Windows programs run via Steam Proton automatically (in Manjaro KDE)

  1. Install Steam and Proton - in my case it's version 5.0 - if you use a different version, make sure to correct all of the paths and commands to reflect that.

If you have Proton installed, you'll find all version of it in ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/

  1. Create a directory proton in your home:

mkdir ~/proton

  1. Right click on your main menu and choose "Edit Applications..."


Now create a new application and give it these settings:

export STEAM_COMPAT_DATA_PATH=$HOME/proton; ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 5.0/proton run '%f'

In the Advanced tab I also recommend setting this:


Run in terminal:

Terminal options:

This will make proton run in a Konsole window and if something fails, you'll be able to see the terminal output and fix the problems.

  1. Save your new application.

  2. Find an .exe file on your disk and open it's properties, then "File Type Options":


Add a new application to open .exe files and make it the newly created Proton entry:

Save the settings and double click on the .exe file.

You should see a Konsole window open, and your game/program open soon after.

Now you can run anything via Proton without messing with the commandline or using special launchers like Lutris!


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