How to make a user have access to other user's files without becoming root?

I could just use sudo nautilus /some/cool/path/here but it is not so fast and I would also like to access other things of that user too, such as the devices of the other user. I have an external SSD that is automounted for one user, but the other one does not have access to that.

I can only imagine a tree of users, the root is the root and below are users with control the users undernieth them.

Please help me. Thanks.

use same group (users) for all
access for read or read/write ?


Ideally also write, but read is enough.

And for using the same group do I need to change the files with chmod or chown or something like this?

if only read, use chown for change owner group (default umask is only read for group)
and can add “users” in gid for create file readable for “users” group

read tuto up :wink:

EDIT: ? but by default (mask) we have also “read” for “all” ?

Thanks for the help, it works!

I did not understand your last question.

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