How to make a device compatible with linux?

i am running an old Hp laptop, Hp Pavilion 15-000 series, the manufacturer only has drivers for windows , i want to permanently switch to Linux, if my printer or devices not work with Linux, what do I do then?

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Everything should work just fine out of the box. You don’t need drivers from the HP website.

What printer do you have?


HP have good support for printers on Linux. There’s a dedicated app that comes with Manjaro out of the box.
If you are not sure, just install Manjaro in a virtual machine and run the tests you need before install it.
Hope helps

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On top of what people said above, the answer is obvious:

Become a kernel developer!


You could test this. Use a Live Linux via USB or CD. :sunglasses:

And if you search with gOOgle, you may find a database or 2 which tell what printers are supported in linux (out of the box) :wink:
There are even commercial drivers available for some printers in linux.

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