How to lock the 3rd display to not reconfigure my Display Configuration on power on/off of the 3rd Display?

I have KDE Plasma with 3 displays. The first two are Dell monitors but the 3rd one is an HDMI TV connected to a home theater system and then connected to the 3rd hdmi port on my GPU.
The TV and Onkyo home theater system go to sleep and the disapear from the "Display Configuration. When that happens all my windows move the primary display. I hate that.

When I turn it back on, Onkyo inserts itself betweem the two dell monitors.

How can I make Onkyo come up where I positioned it last time?



Depending on your GPU, you can create a fixed xorg layout config file, so the system will always use that.

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The video below has good info that might help (he uses a different distro, but same concept).
Titus on monitors