How to let fcitx work with Qt6?


  • Manjaro KDE
  • Qt 6.2.0
  • fcitx
  • ~/.pam_environment
    XMODIFIERS    DEFAULT=\@im=fcitx


  1. Create a new Qt project in Qt Creator
  2. Edit CmakeLists.txt to use Qt5 or Qt6
  3. Add a QLineEdit on the main windows
  4. Build and run
  5. Focus on the QLineEdit
  6. Press Ctrl+Space


  • Edit CmakeLists.txt to use Qt5, Ctrl+Space can be used to switch input mehtod and it works fine
  • Edit CmakeLists.txt to use Qt6, Ctrl+Space does nothing

Do you have installed fcitx5-qt6-git? That’s package is probably required to work with Qt6. AUR (en) - fcitx5-qt6-git

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No, fcitx is used

The latest version is Fcitx5 and Fcitx4 is under maintenance now. In other words, probably you won’t be able to get fcitx4 work with Qt 6.2.

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