How to let dolphin put 2 before 10?

On my Dolphin 2 a.txt is after 10 a.txt, but in ASCII space is before 0~9. Why?

Because 2 is higher than 1.

I mean the ranking is 10 11 12 1 2 3. Is there any way to get it right?

Rename it to 02 a.txt


Really? 2 a.txt is shown before 10 a.txt when sorting by name with natural sorting enabled.
Check your sort settings:

Alphanumeric filenames…
There’s a good reason that we write dates 2021-04-19
And similarly why we’d write filenames as 01 to 99. If you want to insert another file between 01 and 02 you can use 011 etc.

I always use natural

What’s your locale?
Mine (when testing this one) was en_DK.UTF8.


I am Chinese.

OK maybe my dolphin is slow.

If I use natural, it will put 2 before 10 and Chinese 2(二) after 1(一)(which by alphabetical order, before.)

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