How to learn linux?

Nice :slight_smile:

Adding -p will improve a lot (no error if exist and supporting nested structure)

adding -p where? :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s this?

# Make and Enter directory
mkcd(){ mkdir -p "$1" && cd "$1" ; }

Haha hours of fun doing virtually nothing at all.


I have this as well, but my function is called mcd, for what it’s worth.

function mcd(){
	mkdir $1
	cd $1

timeshift is perfect for that and helped me. broke something? oh well just timeshift back to yesterday and try again lol

nice tips :laughing: :heart:

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reminds me of mcdonalds

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While that’s not intentional…whatever floats your goat, my dude!

agreed on the “f*ck windows” part. I used windows since windows 95. I switched to linux a few years ago and i feel very dumb for using windows for so long.
edit: i even tried to learn how to code on windows :joy: what a waste of time

I like goats, but also am wary of them.
… are they not able to swim on their own?
,maybe his one does not know how to … :wink:

Quite possibly, but that’s not the same as floating.

Possible. That’s why it need help, I think.

well… i’m not deleting windows just yet, i’m afraid cause if i cant get smth done on linux it is my back up plan, would it be better if i deleted it? in terms of learning linux?

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Definitely. Not giving yourself an easy-out and instead forcing yourself to learn something.

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If you dont delete Windows, at least make a concerned effort not to use it.

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Love this community :heart: :

btw if i do delete it, can i keep the stuff i have on that partition? nvm i’ll just google it :smiley: no duckduckgo it

You need to make a backup and restore it after the fact. Because, you’ll probably need to re-partition the drive, and format the partitions to install Linux, since the most widely used partition type used in windows is NTFS, and that can’t be used since it’s not POSIX complaint, from what I understand.

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i cannot think of a single thing i ever had to go back to windows for because it was ‘simpler’. linux is much simpler in my opinion. but theres thing like photoshop and graphical editing im sure windows is better at,. but if u really need some windows program for something just install wine and use it on linux. i cant think of anything i would use windows for except video games. i went back and looked at windows file structure the other day and forgot how insane it is lol

if theres stuff you really need on there maybe look into a cloud storage . like i pay $3 a month for 200gig of google storage. plenty for my needs. throw my big stuff there and dont have to worry about backing up. Then when u use linux you can just use ‘timeshift’ to auto back up everything if u want and ‘shift in time’ back a week or a year if u need to if something is messed up or u dont like it. theres even scripts like ‘Transfuse’ which backup all your configs and makes a list of all your apps for you so u never forget what programs u had or how u had things configured.

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This website is a great easy to follow tutorial, that takes you through basic, medium & advanced of the most essential Linux concepts. Its very well put together & quite fun.


thats actually really helpful Thanks man :blush:

exactly what i was looking for thanks! :heart:

Timeshift is a good tool, one new users should have installed and use. Its in all my spins along with timeshift-autosnap. My first post was how I learned, hence the out of date comment. I have been running linux since Ubuntu Breezy Badger, and for most of my journey timeshift didnt exist.