How to launch GNOME control center from terminal?

I use both GNOME Shell and Qtile (a tiling window manager). I just want to change WiFi networks. When I’m on GNOME Shell, I just launched Settings or App Launcher from app overview. But, how to do it on a tiling window manager? I use rofi (like dmenu). I found out that the control center has the process name gnome-control-center (found on htop). Launching gnome-control-center on terminal prints the message:

Segmentation fault (core dump)


  • How to launch GNOME control center on tiling window manager?

  • Or, how to change WiFi networks on command line (so that I may not need GNOME control center) ?

Gnome and Manjaro uses by default NetworkManager.

You can use nmtui to edit or activate connections.

If you need more options, you can use nmcli . But it is more complex, and requires arguments. See nmcli --help

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Thank you so much! That app brought me back the memories of working with TurboC, etc.

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