How to know if my Kernel version contains mitigation of "Intel Meltdown vulnerability"


Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. How do I know if my Kernel contains the mitigation for the recent disclosed intel vulnerabilities AKA “Meltdown” as described here? My Kernel version currently is 4.9.74-2 and according to archlinux’s site, the 4.9.74-1 is still vulnerable ( and I don’t know if my version is patched with the security update. Thanks in advance.


If you updated recently you should. Patched kernels were available yesterday:

There is a long discussion thread here:

Near the bottom shows how to test if installed:




dmesg -wH | grep 'page tables isolation'

in a terminal and you should get this

Kernel/User page tables isolation: enabled

if the KPTI feature is enabled for your kernel.


I guess you likely meant

dmesg | grep 'page tables isolation'

i.e. without -w, as dmesg -w would wait for new messages.


You are right, there is no need for “w” since it will wait for new messages but it gets the job done:

[marte@marte-manjaro ~]$ dmesg -wH | grep 'page tables isolation'
[  +0,000000] Kernel/User page tables isolation: enabled

Thanks for the correction.



chmod +x
sudo ./

Did the Intel microcode update 20180108 fix Spectre?