How to kill blurlock?

THis lock screen function in i3wm reminds me of the frustration usually experienced in Windows it even blur locks the screen while i am watching a video or whatever i am working on , how can i kill it. I have edited the time valve , without a result. I also tried <exec --nostartup-id xautolock -never> i am aiming to learn how to use a WM for productivity so i choose manjaro i3 and then learn more about configuring , so if i get some help on getting rid of this time wasting nuisance that would be awesome ,

Just comment out that line in your i3 config (put a ‘#’ in front of it). Then logout and login again.

Sweet i try that now

Hmm this returned an error in config file message

Can you post that message, or even better your config formatted as code (</>)?

I cant post yet or take screen shots i just 40 mins ago installed this (i3 Manjaro ) i dont even have an office suite yet but the most recent edit of <# Lock screen> section in config is after your suggestion is <#exec --no-startup-id xautolock -never>

the <``> arrows - are they part of the ocnfig?

if they are then your # is the wrong place.

just saw the above comment - select what you pasted and click on the </> button in the toolbar.

Or use code fence (three backticks) on separate lines before and after output.


Then try and remove the ’ -never’ part…

If you’re using default keybindings, you can ‘test’ your i3 config by pressing Shift+$mod+c (changes must be saved before that). But it seems you already made changes, since putting an ‘#’ in front of that exec line won’t produce an error…

O.K i have saved the config line back to what it orginally was and thank you for your suggestions , there doest seem to a documented solution to remove "blurlock " which does work for me (and it 3 A.M. here ) so i am signing off and will install xfce or try a different WM maybe awesome WM as i time is an issue . tanx

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