How to install windows fonts?

The old method (on 20.0.3) is like this:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/winfonts
sudo cp (win-font-path)/* /usr/share/fonts/winfonts/
cd /usr/share/fonts/winfonts/
sudo mkfontscale
sudo mkfontdir
fc-cache -fv

But in Manjaro 20.1:
mkfontscale, mkfontdir and fc-cache-fv will return "cannot find comment"

This is how I did it a couple of years ago.

mkdir /usr/share/fonts/WindowsFonts

cp (win-font-path)/* /usr/share/fonts/WindowsFonts

chmod 755 /usr/share/fonts/WindowsFonts/*



First of all, remember this:
Microsoft fonts are not allowed for redistribution.

If you really need some for whatever compatibility, there is an AUR package:
pamac build ttf-ms-fonts

If you want some custom fonts, i suggest to not install them system wide the way you do it, but rather only for your user.

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