How to install VSCode autocomplete with unity

I don’t understand what plugin will give me autocomplete in VSCode. I believe the proper word is likely " Intellisense"? How do I get Intellisense to work in VSCode for unity, or what are some good alternatives? I wish to use the suggestions to learn the software, know my options.

Unity uses C# as scripting language if I’m not mistaking so I guess you’d just need the C# extension…

Yeah, I know as much. But when I search the VSCode extension page for “c#” I don’t get anything that seems to be a c# Intellisense.

Code completion should be active by default after installing the extension.

I’m quite lost here. @id:ms.dotnettools doesn’t exist for me. I seem to have something similar, @id:muhammad-sammy (weird title for it) it then needed the .NET-sdk so I got that from the Software Store. Still isn’t quite working. It’s trying, but it seems that I need mono? Even though I do?

Yes you need mono as well it seems. Follow this guide:

Hmmm, I downloaded all the software it asks for, and the ms-dotnettools.csharp still doesn’t exist in my extension database, so I uninstalled and reinstalled muhammad-sammy. That last line also confuses me, where is "omnisharp.useGlobalMono": "always" supposed to go??

Ah. Are you using code OSS version rather than vscode.

Could be that the c# extension is missing in that marketplace.

You can install this AUR package to make use of the MS marketplace from code oss: AUR (en) - code-marketplace

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize they were different! Thank you so much for your help! I got the AUR you linked, installed the microsoft C# Intellisense, unchecked Omnisharp: Use Modern Net (As I’ve found in other research) and it works!

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