How to install third party software like anydesk, teamviewer etc


how to install third party software please suggest…


hi, enable the AUR repo in software, then you’ll find teamviewer and anydesk there.


@jatinsingh Here are some of the options I know:

  1. Download the tar.gz files and install them if it is packaged that way.
  2. Install 3rd party apps through AUR and use AUR wrapper called yay to install the packages. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before installing the packages from AUR as it is essentially a repo where packages are added by people or the end users. Not the Arch developers. I have listed somethings I keep in mind while installing an AUR package :point_right: here, have a look. You can install the apps by enabling AUR through pamac which is the GUI frontend for the pacman package manager. Pamac is already installed in your system.
  3. Install applications and other proprietary softwares through flatpak packages from You’ll need to install Flatpak to your system before installing apps from
  4. Install snap (snapd package) which is similar to flatpak. Once snap (snapd package) is installed in your system, you can install snap packages from

Majority of the proprietary 3rd party apps are available as Snap or Flatpak packages (Slack, gitkraken, Visual Studio Code, Spotify). I would prefer a snap or a flatpak package as they are more likely to be better maintained (in a good amount of cases they are mailntained directly by the vendors!) compared to AUR unless you have a peculiar taste for 3rd party apps.

Hope this helps.