How to install SDL2?

I want to install mods onto Star Wars: Jedi Academy. The instructions on the website say to get started:

“If you’re using Linux, install SDL2 via Terminal [sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0], then install Jedi Academy via Steam Proton, right click the game, browse local files. Put the files in GameData.”

I get stuck on the first step. I try to install SDL2 via the command above, and I get the error message:
“sudo apt-get: command not found”

How would Manjaro like to see me input this command?

That is a command for ubuntu and ubuntu-based distros.
Manjaro is not one such distro.
Please familiarize yourself with package management;

(the package name will likely differ as well … sdl2 package is in the repos.)

Thank you. I will read up on these.