How to install R language on manjaro?

How to install R environment on Manjaro Linux? I went to the official website but they don’t have any package for arch to install R language. Could anyone please help to install the whole setup of it?


You can install it from command line with:

sudo pacman -S r

The Arch wiki seems quite extensive about it.


If you have an Intel CPU I’d strongly recommend getting r-mkl. The steps to get a functioning set up are very easy:

pamac install intel-mkl
pamac build r-mkl

Both packages are in the AUR. If you have a helper like yay you can use that instead of Manjaro’s pamac.

If you install r-mkl there is no need to install r. If you’re looking for an IDE I’d recommend RStudio:

pamac build rstudio-desktop-bin

As mentioned above, the Arch wiki has lots of info on all this.

EDIT: pamac commands edited to reflect that some packages are built from AUR.

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Shouldn’t those pamac install commands be pamac build commands when the packages are from the AUR?

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You’re totally right. Your comment also made me check intel-mkl and found that is now in community :man_shrugging:

Comment edited. But, just to make one thing clear, pamac install when used on an AUR package will then ask for pamac build anyway, right? One just saves one [Y] click.

Thank you brother :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any package to install after that?

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