How to install QuickHash Gui in Xfce


I did search for QuickHash in package-manager but could not find, so I downloaded the the zip file to my home folder from

2 dependencies were then required, both are in package-manager and are ‘ gdk-pixbuf2’ and ‘ruby-gdk_pixbuf2’

Then unziped the downloaded QuckHash. Opened the new file and ran ‘execute’ QuickHash-linux-x64 v2.6.9.2 (or the 32bit file as required)

Then I made a link using ‘edit applications’ Now this useful app. works fine.

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Is this for any DE or only specific ones?


Why is the link you posted broken?
What the hell does this package do?


Check out the User Manual and find out! :slight_smile:


Yep, the link is broken…


If the download link did not work for you try: or


QuickHash is an open-source Linux, Windows, and Apple Mac GUI that enables rapid selection & hashing of data such as files (individually or recursively), text, entire folder trees of files, and physical disks. The user can also compare various files either as a pair or entire folders.

It was designed for Linux, but it is also available for Windows and Apple Mac. MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 hash algorithms are available.

EDIT: apologies for the necroing…


New QuickHash version 2.6.9 now out:


New version is 2.8.0


Thanks Lolix my mistake (trigger happy) should read v 2.8.0


New version just out 2.8.2


Can be installed from the AUR now

yaourt -S quickhash-gui-bin

Debian binary version, the original archive is mirrored to my sourceforge because there isn’t a direct download link