How to install other linux OS with Manjaro?


I am using Manjaro as my OS and I will like to install another OS Linux. The problem is that Manjaro don’t start up if is not the GRUB booter from Manjaro. I trying to install Parrot Internet security, can I have some options or another way to make it work?


I assume your installations are in UEFI mode.
Boot to Manjaro somehow, from live USB for example.
Run sudo grub-install --recheck (search forum for this command for UEFI).
Run sudo update-grub.


if whichever distro your installing has the option to skip/not install grub, do that and when your done just boot manjaro and sudo update-grub and it should detect the other os and make it bootable from manjaro grub


I will install it and do it that way. Tho, can I do it if I encrypt my Manjaro?


i think you should be fine, i dont know much in terms of encryption. maybe create / (or / and /home) partitions from manjaro then select already created partitions from whichever os installer. you may want to double check but i think you should be good.

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