How to install Origin on Linux

Not a question as much as sharing a little workaround for Origin Client issues on Manjaro (possibly other Linux distros). Not sure where to post this otherwise, so please, correct me if this is placed wrongly here.

At least, for me this fixed the issues. Since Origin isn't a very kindly working piece of software when porting to Linux I figured it might help some people. Got The Sims 4 running smoothly and am installing DA:I now. I can't test on everything but for me, this method seems to make origin work the same way as on Windows 10, be it with an old-dated interface. Figured it might help some people, since googling tends to give many answers, and non of them worked 100% out of the box for me.

-Make sure wine prefix is set to Windows Vista or lower (higher it will load a new interface that gives issues). Otherwise set the prefix as wanted for your game (or use a Lutris version for that).
-Install Origin Legancy (OriginThinInstaller) without automatic updates.
-Overwrite the files from origin with version (credits for the link to
-Open Origin.exe, log-in, turn off origin in-game.
-Make all files in the origin folder read-only.
-Install your game.

When using Lutris, don't forget to change the executable from Origin.exe to the executable from the game after installing said game.

-Noticed the tutorial subforum. Moved it there.
-I've finished installing DA:I and played on two seperated days with good performance and no issues, as side of having to manually kill Origin.exe for other launchers to regonise the game is shut down, which is also a thing with playing origin games on for example Windows Steam.
-It's tested on a regular wine prefix and on the Lutris DA:I and Sims 4 DXVK downloads. Since one of the issues on the Origin page for Lutris is the one that made me play around, I think that one could benefit from this info to where applicable. If issues are found, please do tell. I can't test everything.


What about the Origin Lutris installers?

I only did specific Origin games for Lutris, not Origin stand-alone. But checking the issues tab on the page it might be needed maybe? In fact, the no internet issue listed was the issue that caused me to play around with it, and I'm the one who commented on it (before I tested things above XP to see where the limit was, which seems to be Vista).

With Lutris, I tested The Sims 4 and for Dragon Age Inquisition, and both games run well as far as I've been able to test today. No need to change the prefix and such yourself in the first step beside setting it to Windows Vista. Then follow the rest of the steps. Once you're done installing the game, change the executable in Lutris to the actual game executable instead of Origin.exe.

I found that I do need to manually kill Origin.exe in order for Lutris to recognise shutting down, but the same counts with Origin games trough steam on Windows. I also found that running multiple Origin games on Lutris makes for multiple instances of Origin running since they have different prefixes.

Well, to be fair, everything you have to do now is running the installer.. And that's it.

On wine-staging at least.

Yeah by now it the regular Origin client works, but back when I wrote this it would crash if you tried to install it. I also updated Origin to the modern client now instead of this Legancy version. This here is kinda obsolete now. Info does that on software that's still being developed.

It's not really like origin changed in the last year.
It was probably one of the countless chromium patches that were committed/staged in wine.

I know, I meant Wine with the software that's continously being developed. It's a wine update that fixed it so origin now works out of the box. Exactly what updated part I don't know.

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