How to Install Onedrive

Hi All,
I tried installing onedrive-d and following steps on but no luck. Any advice on setting up onedrive?

Right now the easiest recommended way would probably be to use the onedrive-git pkg in the aur.

thanks, what do i do once downloaded?

I’d use an AUR helper like Pacaur (my preference, or Yaourt). Install them with pacman and then use the pacman commands to install the package:

sudo pacman -S pacaur # Or Yaourt
pacaur -S onedrive-git

thanks, i used yaourt but installed the package. What should i do next?

Then follow the steps from the link you provided, in the “Configure OneDrive” section.

thanks @SamwiseFilmore, i get the following:

bash: onedrive-perf: command not found

Info on how to use at the github page:

The thing I love about that program is that it’s written in D…

Next, run command as @SamwiseFilmore suggest
$ yaourt -S onedrive-git
It will install onedrive-git for you.

Better to read this wiki: And pay attention for the warning :
Warning: Carefully check all files. Carefully check the PKGBUILD and any .install file for malicious commands. ...

Good luck.

Thanks all,

I ran $ yaourt -S onedrive-git just fine

It’s the second part that isn’t working:

$ onedrive-perf
$ bash: onedrive-perf: command not found


Don’t follow an Ubuntu guide on a manjaro system.

Did you try just launching OneDrive from your menu?
Just noticed this on the github page. It says you have to run the onedrive command once in terminal to authenticate. Which in turn requires a browser.

Gonna keep an eye on this myself as I too would like to get this working. I gave up on it a while back and have been living with just Google Drive integration with Dolphin.

What I kept finding was that most Onedrive stuff for Manjaro/Linux was outdated and no longer maintained, like onedrive-d

Yes, the github makes it seem like you just need to run onedrive once (and follow the registration steps) then start using your ~/OneDrive/
If you need more options, use the configuration section on the github page.
There is not much point to copy/paste it again here, just click the link and read whats there.
(yes onedrive-d in aur is outofdate and orphaned … that + wiki is why we are suggesting onedrive-git)

Thanks @Srit How do I run it in terminal to auth?

The Github page is a bit vague, but did you run only


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