How to install old version of kdenlive package 21.12.2-1 instead of the latest 21.12.3-1?

I upgraded Manjaro to the latest stable release yesterday and I have a bug: I verified that kdenlive rendered the video without audio, not only on the new video I started working on yesterday, but also on a video that I successfully rendered with audio in the past and the bug is still there.

In the install log file I have:

[2022-03-14T15:39:18+0200] [ALPM] upgraded kdenlive (21.12.2-1 -> 21.12.3-1)

I tried to do this:

sudo pacman -S "kdenlive=21.12.2-1"

but I get:

eroare: nu s-a găsit ținta: kdenlive=21.12.2-1

(target not found)

I know I can use other kdenlive packages from AUR or Flatpak but I want to keep my configuration files.

Please advice.

See Downgrading packages - Manjaro


I see that the topic got solved … but how did you identified is a kdenlive bug and not simply an issue with your project settings or the profile you used?

Downgrading packages is a very short term solution.
I could not reproduce your issue with older and newer kdenlive projects.

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I used the same project (the same timeline items etc.) in both versions. This is the Render configuration I used to produce a video that does work on an older version but not in 21.12.3-1:

If there is anything I can post here to help, please let me know.


Will try your settings and see if i can reproduce. :+1:

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