How to install OBS and NDI plugin?

Hi form a noob. I know nothing about Linux and with the problem of win 11 I thought I would give it a try.
This is my problem. I try to in stall OBS Studio and the NDI plug in on Manjaro KDE Plasma I type “sudo apt install obs-studio” but apt is not a recognized command so I tried “sudo install obs-studio” it then asks for my password and then I get “install: missing destination file operand after “obs-studio” try install --help” I think its asking me to create a file for obs but how?
then I have the next problem how to install the plugin for NDI??
can you help Big THANK YOU.

Hi @IVG, and welcome!

Yes, Linux can be intimidating, but it is much, much, much better than the alternative. However, do not fear. Rather, look here:

Manjaro is not Debian, or Ubuntu, and as such doesn’t have *apt or apt-get or something in that line. Rather, Manjaro uses pamac.

Go ahead and reead up on that. It’s good knowledge. Also important knowledge.

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to install obs you would have to

pamac install obs-studio

As for ndi
install it the same way…

pamac install obs-ndi