How to install new cursors (XFCE)

I use the site to get new themes and icons and know how to install them but what about cursors ? How do I install a new cursor theme in XFCE ?


Download the theme, unzip it and place the folder of the theme in ~/.icons/ or ~/.local/share/icons/ (if the folder does not exist, create it).
To select the theme in your system navigate to Settings Manager > Mouse and Touchpad > Theme (tab).


Please check first, if the cursor-theme in question is available in the repos or AUR. If yes install it from there. To install them manually you can follow @bill_t s post. You can have also a look here:


The xfce-look themes are upload every day so they don't reach the AUR in time. bill_t method works fine. Make sense, icons=cursors and cursors=icons. One would wonder why there isn't a /usr/share/cursors folder. :rofl:

The cursor themes are not updated each day just have a look at
If you install from the repos or AUR you can check easily if there are updates and install them.
Also AUR pulls directly from upstream (e.g. github repo).
But if you are comfortable with the manual way you can do so

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ok sorry to much more PRECISE for you, new cursors themes and update appear "very so often" on that website, happy now ? A lot of them are NOT in the AUR , so not installable from there and some will never make it there. It is a lot easier to see what they look like on the website too because each of them have a picture.

Noted, there are some in the archives, thank you.

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