How to install Manjaro with LUKS and Dual Boot support

Hello everybody,
I have a brand new laptop and want to install Manjaro alongside Windows. Currently I din’t have any (meaning I don’t care to lose data).
And I want to have at least my Manjaro partition encrypted with Luks (Windows is optional with VeraCrypt).
So I found this well-explained gist (for ubuntu) Ubuntu + Windows 10 dualboot with LUKS encryption · GitHub

All the steps works until the GUI installation of the step 5. In my case, I’m getting errors about the installer trying to delete the previously created LVM (I only have root and swap to keep it simple).

In my case, when I select the LVM group on the upper select, I can’t mount the root LVM (vglinux/root) to anything.

It seems I can do it only if I edit the volume, and it is in that case that I’m getting the errors…

How can I manage to install Manjaro with LUKS and dual boot?

Thank you very much.

Hello @sanjibukai :wink:

Since you started it really bare on the terminal, I would rather suggest to continue it that way, because lvm and luks is not a default installation method…

Continue with step 4 here:

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