How to install Manjaro over Windows without USB

I am currently running Windows 11 on my main computer and I wanted to switch to linux, so I chose manjaro, I am wondering how I can install it over my windows installation (Format and replace it with Manjaro), without having to use a USB or other similar device since I do not have any USBs currently.

Why not start with a beginner distro?

If you can figure it out how to set up, you can use iPXE boot, eg.

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The answer is: No can do.

Rethorical question - how are you going to launch the installer?

An advanced user - not a beginner - would consider a network tftp server to serve a boot image from which you could launch the installer. But Manjaro doesn’t support such scenario.

Technically you could use an Arch pxe boot image to start your system - then change the mirrorlist to point to a Manjaro mirror and do a hands-on manual installation.

Such task is for a skilled and highly experienced user - not something I would recommend to a beginner in Linux.

It’s doable but it requires hard work and dedication to learn.


The old way: burn the ISO on a DVD, then install from that DVD.


From a virtual machine maybe.

Why don’t you want to install from live USB?


You could ask people on the street to borrow you a USB stick.

I would be very careful with that. Is because you don’t know what it’s going to be.
It could be a Duck or similar device. Or something worse than that.

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