How to install Manjaro-ARM on Pinephone with broken Mobian?

The Mobian install was broken when switching from bullseye to bookworm. During the upgrade the power went off and now the touch screen is not working at all. The best I can do is turn it on and see it requesting me to input a passphrase. I know the passphrase but I can’t input it anymore.

I am reading the instructions here: Manjaro-ARM - Manjaro. I downloaded the image from here: Manjaro - Pine64 LTS Gnome and I can’t put it on the Pinephone because the phone does not have an SD card in it. I don’t have one currently available.

How can I install Manjaro on this phone?

To install anything else on the Phone, you need an SD card. If you don’t have that, you need to buy one.

The Manjaro image you downloaded is not correct. You need one of the images for the PinePhone.

They can be found here:
Plasma Mobile


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