How to install Manjaro alongside Windows?


Good forums. I have two SSDs. One has Win10 and the other has newly installed Manjaro KDE Plasma. But I can’t switch to Manjaro. How do I do this?

İyi forumlar. Benim iki tane SSD’im var. Birinde Win10 diğerinde yeni kurulmuş olan Manjaro KDE Plasma var. Manjaroya geçiş yapamıyorum ama. Nasıl yaparım bunu?

Ensure bot installations is using the same mode.

EFI and the MBR cannot co-exist is the sense you can choose from a grub menu.

Only way to select which one is to use you firmware boot override.

The is usually activated using Esc or a function key - which one depends on your hardware - check with the manual - or look it up on the vendors website.