How to install Kicad v7?

Hello folks,

I am using Manjaro Gnome since yesterday so I am very new to the pacman system (I am coming from Ubuntu)

I am looking for a way to install the Kicad 7. The package manager finds only the Kicad 6.

Is there any way of doing that? Thanks in advance.

kicad 7.0.1-1 is currently only available in our testing and unstable branches. One can either switch to the testing branch or wait for the next stable update.


Thanks @Yochanan, I am changing it to the testing branch. It is going to take a while…

Now, a different but related question. Is it possible to use the Arch repo for installing this particular software instead of having to change the branch?

As u/Dwagner6 said on your Reddit post

No, it’s not. Arch repo will have different version requirements for all the dependencies of Kicad, which likely are different than what is installed on your system.

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Thanks, with the testing branch everything went well.

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