How to install cramfsswap?

I was trying to use binwalk and I can’t install cramfsswap. any help here?

I don’t see such a package in Manjaro’s repos or AUR. Why do you believe you can install it? It seems to be a Debian package.

By the way, binwalk-git was last updated 2018-08-13, so I guess the package is outdated. But you never told how you installed it…

one of the package i want to extract with binwalk is requesting for it

What package? Please tell us what you’re doing if you want help. We’re not here to play 20 questions.

12844         0x322C          eCos RTOS string reference: "ecos.bin.gz"
13536         0x34E0          LZO compressed data

WARNING: Extractor.execute failed to run external extractor 'cramfsck -x 'cramfs-root' '%e'': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'cramfsck', 'cramfsck -x 'cramfs-root' '%e'' might not be installed correctly

WARNING: Extractor.execute failed to run external extractor 'cramfsswap '%e' '%e.swap' && cramfsck -x 'cramfs-root' '%e.swap'': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'cramfsswap', 'cramfsswap '%e' '%e.swap' && cramfsck -x 'cramfs-root' '%e.swap'' might not be installed correctly
2720000       0x298100        CramFS filesystem, little endian, size: 348160, version 2,
                              sorted_dirs, CRC 0x4CECA79A, edition 0, 93 blocks, 23 files
3211526       0x310106        Zlib compressed data, default compression

the image i want to extract is a satellite receiver firmware but im getting this error

Please don’t post screenshots of text. Instead, edit your post, copy and paste the terminal output, highlight it and use the Preformatted text </> button.

so should i move to debian or will there be a solution?

The program is called fsck.cramfs in Manjaro/Arch. It is part of util-linux and probably already installed.

This program is not available, you need to get the source and compile it yourself.


great it works now after installing this two packages from source

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