How to install another kernel for Raspberry Pi 4?

in my desktop Manjaro I use Manjaro Settings Manager GUI kernel switcher tool, but on Raspberry Pi 4 version of Manjaro there is no kernel tool under settings. Did google, found some guide to use mhwd-kernel from CLI, but this is also not available under ARM version…

So how do I add and activate another kernel for RPi4?

You use pacman.

But, Manjaro ARM does not support multiple kernels at this point, so installing a kernel will uninstall your current kernel.

Please make sure to check that your config.txt is still valid for the new kernel.


how should it look like when I swap from linux-rpi4 to linux-rpi4-mainline ?
is there some example /boot/config.txt stored somewhere with -mainline?

Moreover is there some full guide for switching RPi4 manjaro kernel to different one?

Just install Linux-rpi4-mainline or Linux-rpi4-rc with pacman -S. No config changes needed.

Upstream kernels can be installed (Linux Linux-rc) but needs config.txt and cmdline.txt changes.

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