how to install AMD driver on linux

hi guys, i'm a Fedora user but used to use Manjaro so i decided use this community help for my problem. i changed my GTX1070 to Rx580 last week and can't play game using DXVK, also very mess viewport in Autodesk Maya and Houdini, also RX580 is not listed as a OpenCL for blender, could someone help me out? i asked this question in Fedora forums but no answer yes.
tnx for any help

Moving this topic to other OS as it is not a manjaro related question.

Did you search the fedora forums and or reddit before posting.
There are already a number of related topics posted:
fedora amdgpu
fedora amdgpu

Here is the arch wiki as well:

If your looking for the proprietary drivers, they are not recommended.

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