How to install Advanced Radio Player on Manjaro?

hi I just a linux user newbie… I want to install : Advanced Radio Player - in Manjaro KDE plasma.
I download the source tar gz from here: store. kde. org

How to Install it?

I don’t see a package for this, but you can use VLC, Strawberry, etc. to achieve the same thing.

Right click on desktop, select Add widgets, click Get new widgets, Download new plasma widgets, search for Advanced Radio, click Install, choose Adavancedradio2. Now it will show up when you click Add widgets.

In your home folder, it gets installed into ./local/share/plasma/plasmoids

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cek : store. kde. org /p/1313987/

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Installation instructions right next to download button (actually to the right of it :wink: )

… it’s an example - not copy/paste ready

How to install

Install from package

Download Linux package from:

Then click the downloaded package and continue to installation with package manager.

Arch Linux

pacman -S qt5-base qt5-svg qt5-declarative qt5-quickcontrols
pacman -U /path/to/ocs-url*.pkg.tar.xz

probably easier to do what @ydar said